4WomenOnly 7.0

Records menstrual cycles and calcs ovulation days
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Helpful tool for women to detect fertile periods and get ready for pregnancy. Track your menstrual cycles. Outputs data in the .xls or text formats.

4WomenOnly is an excellent program for women: it will help you keep track of menstrual cycles, as well as ovulation periods. It does not matter if you have regular or irregular cycles. The program will show you exact results based on the personal data entered.

The application has a wizard to help you create personalized calendars for several users. In addition, these records can be protected from other people with a master password. The program also lets you set reminders before or after your menstrual cycles or ovulation. These can even be configured to play sound files or to start specific applications.

The program also includes some interesting utilities. Some of them will help you predict your child's birth date, the baby's gender, and more. You can even find out the dates on which your child will attend school, when he/she will graduate, etc. Other utilities will help you stay healthy and keep in shape. For example, you will be able to calculate the number of calories you need daily according to your weight, height, and age. In addition, you can also calculate your body mass index, control overweight, and more.

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  • It has functions to predict child's birth date, control weight, and keep healthy
  • The program's interface is colorful, intuitive, and easy to use


  • I couldn't find one
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